2017 Bridal Jewellery Trends

You have the perfect wedding gown, your shoes are waiting to be worn and so all you need to do is apply the finishing touch to your dream bridal look...Wedding jewellery is a simple touch to complete the 'theme' of your day and something your entire bridal party can get involved with. The pieces you choose should have a connection to the overall feel of the day, expressing your personality and style and of course be something fun and comfortable to wear.

Let's talk bridal accessories that will sparkle perfectly with your dress. Bridal jewellery trends for this season embrace colour, embellishments and of course, sparkle. Here are a few of our favourite trends...

The Statement Earring

Chandelier earrings will always be a classic choice for brides, but this season has embraced bigger and bolder choices. Statement, dangling earrings will frame the face and look particularly striking with strapless dresses.

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Fifties Chic

Lots of brides are inspired by one of fashion's favourite decades, the roaring 1920's...and while vintage style will always be a favourite of bridal designers, this season they are looking to the 1950's for inspiration. Prom style wedding dresses with lace embellishments look to be a very popular choice this year as brides look to movie stars of days gone by and so the jewellery they choose is set to ramp up the glamour for those walking down the aisle in 2017.

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Over The Moon

Colourful stones such as moonstones and opals will pick up colour variations for those who are opting not to wear white. They'll look beautiful with blush pink and champagne gowns and can add a modern, fresh feel to your look.

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A Delicate Touch

Not every accessory you wear needs to make a statement. Dainty pendants, small earrings and barely there bracelets will make a subtle impression to simple, flowing gowns. Plus, these pieces are easy to wear every day after your wedding in a way that more statement pieces may not allow!

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